The Sphere

Sphere relates to ranges, places, and time without boundaries, as well as culture, thoughts and feelings, and the relationships between people and communities as in spheres of influence.  

The Doña Ana Sphere straddles an area from Paso del Norte (El Paso/Juarez) to north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the wide stretches east and west, the Chihuahuan desert to the Jornada del Muerto, the mountains such as the Organs, the river of life — the Rio Grande/Bravo, the historic communities — the rancherías, the Apachería, the puntos and parajes, the Pueblo of Senecú, the Chamisal and other partidos of Paso, and the communities that sprang therefrom, and all those places and things within the larger sphere — fields, flora, arroyos, roads, homes and workplaces.

All this is the context for the historical Pueblo of Doña Ana, now known as the Village of Doña Ana, New Mexico.  The people who settled in this region left us a rich legacy.  Under extreme conditions, they managed to create and re-create villages for their families and others.  They lived during a complicated time, and fashioned a complicated peace.  Their experiences, strategies and tactics are still relevant today.  See Historical Background.